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NYAGRA's mission is to advocate for freedom of gender identity and expression for all.

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Thanks to Everyone who made our Sixth Anniversary a Great Success

NYAGRA celebrated its 6th anniversary on 23 October 2004.  On hand for the celebration (left to right): Yolanda, Tina Benez, Hawk Stone (NYAGRA co-chair), Pauline Park (NYAGRA co-chair), Susan Langer (NYAGRA treasurer), Clover Honey and Michael Borriello (NYAGRA community organizer).


Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Councilmember Bill Perkins (D-Harlem) and Pauline Park at the bill signing ceremony at City Hall (4.30.2002) at which the mayor signed Int. No. 24 into law.  Councilmember Perkins was the lead sponsor of the transgender rights bill, which amended the New York City human rights ordinance to include gender identity and expression in the definition of gender, thereby securing the full inclusion of transsexual, transgendered, and gender-variant people in City human rights law.

Mayor Signs Transgender
Rights Bill Into Law

photo: Kueer Kultur Review

NYAGRA was founded to advocate for freedom of gender identity and expression for all.  Our founding meeting took place on 30 June 1998, and our concern was to secure the full inclusion of all transsexual, transgendered, and gender variant people in discrimination and hate crimes law at the state and local level in New York.  We first approached the Empire State Pride Agenda in November 1998, and from those discussions, a campaign for a local transgender rights bill was conceived.  NYAGRA convened the first meeting of the legislative work group in October 1999, which included representatives from NYAGRA and the Pride Agenda as well as the six original primary sponsors of the bill (Int. No. 754, later re-introduced as Int. No. 24) -- Councilmembers Bill Perkins, Margarita Lopez, Christine Quinn, Ronnie Eldridge, Phillip Reed, and Steve DiBrienza.  The legislative work group, coordinated by  Pauline Park, led the successful campaign for passage of the bill, NYAGRA's greatest legislative success to date.



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1st NYAGRA press conference at City Hall

photo: LGNY

Pauline Park speaks at a press conference (2.29.2000)on the steps of City Hall organized to announce the filing of a formal request for legislation -- the transgender rights bill that would be introduced as Int. No. 754 (and later reintroduced as Int. No. 24). From left to right (front row):  Councilmember Margarita Lopez, Councilmember Phillip Reed, Juan Figueroa (executive director of the Puerto Rican Legal Defense & Education Fund), Pauline Park, Councilmember Ronnie Eldridge, Councilmember Bill Perkins.  Behind Pauline Park is Councilmember Gifford Miller, who after being elected Speaker in January 2002 pushed the bill forward to a second public hearing (4.23.2002) and to final passage in the full Council (4.24.2002).


City issues transgender guidelines (NY Blade, 12.31.2004)

Who Gets Rights? Right-wing activists target Albany county proposal to extend human rights to transgender
people Miriam Axel-Lute Metroland 18 November 2004 Vol. 27, No. 47


Protecting Youth and Trans New Yorkers
(NYAGRA letter to the editor re Mayor Bloomberg's comment about the NYC DASA veto override vote,
Gay City News, 9.23.2004)

City Council passes anti-bully law (NY Blade News, 9..17.2004)

Transgendered Face Health Crisis (NY Blade, 8.27.2004)

HRC pledges to back only trans-inclusive legislation (Planet Out, 8.9.2004)

"Decision Day on Trans Rights: HRC board meets amidst growing demand for trans-inclusive legislation" (Gay City News, 8.5.2004)

Local trans leaders vs. HRC" (NY Blade, 7.30.2004)

"Trans Politics on Long Island" (GCN, 7.22.2004)

Senate, Assembly could take action on school bullying in Albany next week (GCN, 7.15.2004)

Council Passes School Anti-Bullying Bill (GCN, 7.1.2004)

Dignity Coalition Voices Concerns By Nicholas Boston (GCN, 6.17.2004)

Trans protection compromised? Two years after law was passed, commission still has no guidelines By Cyd Zeigler Jr. New York (Blade News Friday, May 28, 2004)

City Holds Gender Law Hearings By DUNCAN OSBORNE (GCN, 5.27.2004)

Transsexuals get the Olympics nod By Tracy Connor Daily News Staff Writer (NY Daily News May 18, 2004)

Up a tree in Central Park Barely clothed couple cause media frenzy By Cyd Zeigler Jr. (NY Blade News
Friday, April 30, 2004)

City Needs to Start Enforcing Transgender Rights Bill By PAULINE PARK (GCN, 4.29.2004)

Council to Vote on Harassment Bill (GCN, 4.29.2004)

"Safety for all students spotlighted at forum" (Rockland Journal News, 2.10.2004)

Forum set for Nyack Center By Kari Neering The Rockland Journal News (Original publication: January 31, 2004)

Looking for Initiative, Will the state Assembly advance same-sex partner issues? By PAUL SCHINDLER

"Gender at its Core" Freedom of expression and the debate over identity politics By PAULINE PARK (GCN, 11.5.03)

"Georgie Girl" P.O.V. documentary screening in Queens

"The Glass Is Half Full, Mostly" (NGLTF/NCTE/NYAGRA forum) (GCN, 11.13.2003)

"Squabble Over Student Dignity Bill" (GCN, 10.9.2003)

Transgender family values (Southern Voice, 9.26.2003)

"Sex-change inmate" (NYAGRA letter to the editor, NY Daily News, 7.23.2003

"Pauline Park challenges identity politics" (interview with GenderTalk Radio, 3.31.2003)

"Advocates Mourn Loss of a Friend; LGBT leaders cite
Davis for outreach and openness;" GCN, 7.25.2003

"NYAGRA: an ongoing crusade" (profile of NYAGRA); NY Blade 7.18.2003

"Parking Rights" (profile of Pauline Park); NY Blade 7.18.2003

Sex in the City forum; HX magazine, 6.20.2003

Book Review: The Man Who Would Be Queen;GayToday, 6.19.2003

Senate, Assembly differ on student protections;
gender bill clears first hurdle; GCN, 6.13.2003

An Historic Meeting of Asian LGBTs; GCN, 5/16/2003

Gay Asians: mad as hell & not taking it:
'Boiling Rice’
panel at Center explores widespread prejudice; NY Blade, 5.16.2003

NGLTF Choice of Foreman Wins Wide Praise; GCN, 4.11.2003

TG inclusion in UIUC policy; Daily Illini, 3.3.2003

two-track TG rights strategy; GCN, 2.21.2003

The Biggest Gay/Lesbian News Stories of 2002;, Jan 6, 2003

TG activists split on legislative approach & litigation GCN, Dec 27, 2002)

State Passes Civil Rights Law For Gays, Lesbians
Transgender Community Wants Protection, Times Newsweekly Dec 27, 2002

New Law Protecting Gays Wins Praise from Queens, (Times-Ledger, Dec 26, 2002

Unity Eludes SONDA Advocates, GCN, Dec 13, 2002

Confidentiality Safeguards Sought; Queens Councilmember Monserrate
proposes protections for accessing city services; GCN, Dec 6, 2002

push for TG inclusion in SONDA, GCN Dec 6, 2002

Paradigm Shift in Queer Agenda; GCN, Sept. 27, 2002

Time Short on ESPA Call; GCN, Sept. 27, 2002

New Perspectives & Push on Trans Rights; GCN Sept. 27, 2002

Joe Grabarz Leaving Pride Agenda; Matt Foreman returns as
interim chief as permanent replacement sought; GCN Sept. 20, 2002

Blackface Flap at Chelsea bar; A debate about
bigotry and free speech ignites: GCN Sept. 20, 2002

Transgender Law Making Strides; Fox News August 8, 2002

"In Her Own Image: Transgender Activist Pauline Park.
The Gully speaks with transgender activist and Korean adoptee,
Pauline Park, about racism, transgender issues, and what's on the
drawing board for the transgender movement."

Transgender - A walk of life; AsianWeek, March 23-29, 2001

NYAGRA news releases

law and public policy

NYC transgender rights law: implementation guidelines (adopted December 2004)

DASA Action Center

NYAGRA letter to NYS Senate Majority Leader Bruno
re DASA & safe schools legislation (6.13.2003)

U.S. Dept. of Justice Executive Office for Immigration Review:
ruling on same-sex marriage issue for transsexual partners (9.21.2004)

U.S. jurisdictions with laws prohibiting discrimination
on the basis of gender identity or expression

The 8th Annual Mark E. Ouderkirk Lecture
The Museum of the City of New York, 27 June 2002
The Making of a Movement:
The Story of the Successful Campaign for a
Transgender Rights Law in New York City

Int. No. 24 (text of the NYC transgender rights law)

NYAGRA open letter re SONDA (2.25.2002)

open letter to TG activists re GenderPAC's new strategic direction (1.3.2001)

New York case law

about NYAGRA

NYAGRA bylaws (3.12.2002)

NYAGRA open letter to the LGBT community from the Board of Directors (5.9.2002)





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